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Lost Temple of Denerim

Project Type

Project Duration

Software Used

Team Size

Personal University Project

4 Weeks

Dragon Age Origins Toolset

Solo Project

The Lost Temple of Denerim is a level made in the Dragon Age Origins Toolset which tells the story of a temple that was the heart of Denerim faith but has been lost to time. This project was made as a challenge to myself to be able to learn and design a level using an engine/toolset that I had never used before and knew nothing about to gain experience in being able to handle new unfamiliar engines/toolsets.

Level Layout

When creating the level for the Origins Toolset I took alot of inspiration from DND dungeon maps with the squared layout style which adds a sense of symetry to the level itself. Some struggles that I had when creating the level was to make all of the assets work together since they are original not for the same building style as I was creating which made some assets harder to work with than other.

Being able to create a level in a toolset/engine that I've never seen or used before was a challenge in and off itself because I didn't really know what was possible to create in it as some engines and toolsets have limitations that the designer has to take into account when creating for those engine but the learning experience that it afforded was very satisfying.

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