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The Novum

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Project Type

Project Duration

Software Used

Languages Used

Team Size

Personal University Project

6 Weeks

Unreal Engine 5


Solo Project

The novum is a level that is made for the Staffordshire University Peril Framework in Unreal Engine 5. The peril framework was built by lecturers at Staffordshire University and is a clone-like version of the 1996 version of Doom.

Level Layout

Peril Level 1.jpg

Iteration 1

When designing my level for the Peril editor, outside of doing research on the 1996 Doom style games I wanted interesting room design that did not confuse the players.

Commentary Walkthrough

In the commentary walkthrough I go through all of the decisions that I made when designing the level for the peril framework such as level design, enemy placements and the difficulty curve I was going for.

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