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Project Type

Project Duration

Software Used

Languages Used

Primary Role(s)

Team Size

Game Jam

48 Hours

Unreal Engine 5


Level Designer, UI/UX

5 Members

Rooted is a game jam project, that I made together with some friends from my junior collaborative team, for the Global Game Jam 2023 with the theme of Roots.

The player plays as a root from a tree whose isolated with no water around them, the objective is to find water while avoiding hitting the walls and the roots that have previously been navigated to water areas.

My contributions include:

Wireframing and Implementing the UI

Help with meshing out an area of the chosen level

Level Meshing

To be able to finish the level in time for the game jam deadline I helped meshing out two areas of the level that the other designer would not have the time to finish up. The explanation of the areas that I recieved was for the larger area to be a rocky area with bones from deceased creatures while the other smaller one was supposed to match a previous area of the level with some differences.

UI Implementation

GGJ UI1.png

For the UI we wanted for the player to always be able to keep a track on their current progress towards beating the game as well as their previous score. Using a bar that fills up with each time the player completetes an objective was made because the player playes as the roots of a tree while to keep track of the previous score the player got I added a box in the upper right corner of the screen so the players can check it but not be constantly distracted by it.

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