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Burgler King

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Project Type

Project Duration

Software Used

Languages Used

Primary Role(s)

Team Size

University Collaborative Project

6 weeks

Unreal Engine 5


Lead Game Designer, UI/UX, VFX

18 Students

Burgler King is a collaborative project that I was a part of in my Senior year at Staffordshire university. The project was made by a team of 18 students consisting of a mix of Techs, Designers, Environment, Character and Concept Artists. The project was one of 2 prototypes that were pitched to lecturers and was ultimately the one chosen by the lecturers for us to focus on.

Game Design Document


Based on the games Smart Thief, Robbery Bob, Payday 2 and more, play as anthropomorphic animals and fight against your friends in this couch co-op game where the objective is to steal the most value out of the buildings before the cops arrive while avoiding the guards already stationed there.

On this collaborative project I served as the Group Lead and Lead designer leading a team of 18 students wherein 5 of us were designers.

My Contributions to this project include:

  • Level Design

  • Designing the Character movement and actions

  • Designing the Enemies

  • Designing how the spawn rooms interact with the players and the world

  • Implementing the UI

  • Creating materials for assets using textures provided by artists

  • Implementing animation blueprints for the enemies and players

  • Creating Niagara particle effects

  • Creating a trailer

As a Group Lead and Lead designer my contributions are:

  • Setting up weekly sprints on Jira

  • Final decision on content that will be unable to be used for the game vision

  • Communicating with the Tech Lead and Senior Artists on what content that needs to be completed for the game and when it needs to be implemented

  • Setting tasks for the designers to work on during each week

  • Directing the concept artists on what is needed for the UI but with their own creative freedom on how it should look with input from the team.

Particle Showcase

Because Burgler King is played in a top down view we wanted to give the players signs when they were affected by the various powerups that can be picked up while playing without compromising the view that each player has available.
To show the players when a room is affected by a dangerous trap I used a particle effect that spreads out in the room reducing the visibility of the room.

Level Design

Dwallman Level Design 1.png

When starting my design I wanted some interesting layout set in a mansion where the players started in the same area and running to the rooms they wanted to loot. When I started to think about the pvp elements of the game I started looking at more symmetry to not give any players an advantage over the others and started designing an interesting layout in half the mansion before inverting the layout for the other side so that there is the same amount of area for all 4 players.

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